Ameerpet Metro Station

Ameerpet Metro Station
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Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station

The Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station is one of the largest metro stations in India with a sprawling premises over 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2). The Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station stands as a vital transit hub in Hyderabad, significantly enhancing the city’s urban mobility.

Location and Connectivity

Situated in the bustling neighborhood of Ameerpet, the station is at the intersection of the Red Line (Miyapur-LB Nagar) and the Blue Line (Nagole-Raidurg). This unique positioning makes it a crucial node in the Hyderabad Metro Rail network, facilitating easy transfers between the two lines and reducing travel time across the city.

Features and Amenities

The Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and efficient travel experience. Key features include:

  • Multiple Entry and Exit Points: Designed to handle high passenger volume, the station has several entry and exit points, minimizing congestion and ensuring smooth passenger flow.
  • Escalators and Elevators: For the convenience of all passengers, especially those with mobility issues, the station is equipped with multiple escalators and elevators.
  • Advanced Ticketing System: The station boasts a sophisticated ticketing system, including both manual and automated options, ensuring quick and hassle-free transactions.
  • Security and Surveillance: High-level security measures, including CCTV surveillance and security personnel, ensure passenger safety at all times.

Ameerpet Metro Station Overview

Feature Details
Lines Red Line, Blue Line
Platforms Side platform
Red Line Platform-1 → Vasavi LB Nagar
Platform-2 → Miyapur
Blue Line Platform-3 → Nagole
Platform-4 → Raidurg
Tracks 4

Ameerpet to Nampally Metro Charges

Ameerpet to Nampally first metro, last metro, distance
Travel Time
⏱ 0:10:54 hh:mm:ss
Total Distance
⛗ 6 KM
Total Stops
◉ 7 Stations
☵ No
Token Fare
₹ 25
Smart Card Fare
₹ 22.5
Discounted Fare
₹ –

Previous / Next Stations to Ameerpet

Line Color Current Station Previous Station Next Station
RED SR Nagar Ameerpet Punjagutta
BLUE Begumpet Ameerpet Madhura Nagar

Passenger Facilities

Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station offers a range of facilities aimed at enhancing passenger comfort:

  • Restrooms and Drinking Water: Clean and well-maintained restrooms, along with drinking water facilities, are available throughout the station.
  • Shops and Eateries: Various retail outlets and food stalls cater to the needs of commuters, offering a variety of products and refreshments.
  • Information Kiosks: These kiosks provide real-time information on train schedules, routes, and other relevant details, aiding passengers in their journey.

Impact on Urban Mobility

The introduction of the Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station has had a profound impact on Hyderabad’s urban mobility:

  • Reduced Travel Time: The inter-change station has significantly reduced travel time for commuters by providing direct connectivity between major parts of the city.
  • Decongestion of Roads: By encouraging the use of public transport, the station has helped in decongesting Hyderabad’s busy roads, leading to smoother traffic flow and reduced pollution.
  • Boost to Local Economy: The increased footfall in the area has spurred economic activity, benefiting local businesses and contributing to the overall development of the neighborhood.

Future Prospects

As Hyderabad continues to expand and develop, the Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station is expected to play an even more critical role in the city’s public transportation network. Future plans include further enhancements to station facilities, integration with other modes of transport, and potential expansion of metro lines to accommodate the growing population and their commuting needs.

Shopping needs no reason!

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Ameerpet Metro Station

The Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station is more than just a transit point; it is a cornerstone of Hyderabad’s metro system, epitomizing the city’s commitment to modern, efficient, and sustainable urban transport solutions. With its strategic location, extensive facilities, and positive impact on the city’s mobility, the Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station is poised to remain an integral part of Hyderabad’s transportation landscape for years to come.

Ameetpet Pincode

City Name Hyderabad
Pincode 500018
Region South India
District Hyderabad
State Telangana
Latitude 17.4348
Longitude 78.4480
Taluk/Tehsils Balanagar
Ameerpet Metro Station, Hyderabad, Telangana,500039,Hyderabad

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