Hyderabad Metro: Begumpet Metro Station | Red Line

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Begumpet Metro Station

Discover the comprehensive guide to Hyderabad Metro, the lifeline of Hyderabad’s public transportation. Learn about metro routes, station details, fare structure, and various passes like Smart Cards, Trip Passes, Store Value Passes, and more.

Station DetailsInformation
Station Number:12
Station Name:Begumpet
Metro Route:Miyapur to LB Nagar
Parking Availability:Limited
Facilities:Restrooms, Elevators, Escalators, ATMs
Operational Hours:6:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Connections:TSRTC buses
Begumpet Metro Station | Red Line | Hyderabad

The Begumpet Metro Station is situated on the Red Line (Hyderabad Metro), close to Begumpet Airport and the railway station. Begumpet Metro Station will have a three-tier infrastructure – Street level, Concourse level and Platform level.

Near by Landmarks: Begumpet Airport, Railway Station

Area Details: Close to Begumpet Airport and railway station

Accessibility: Wheelchair ramps, Elevators

Safety and Security: CCTV, Security Personnel

Ticket Options: Smart Cards, Tokens

Passenger Information: Display Boards, Announcements, Help Desks

Contact Information: Emergency: 100, Customer Service: 040 2333 2555

Smart Cards

Smart cards are available at all metro stations. They offer a 10% discount on each journey compared to single journey tokens and are rechargeable both online and at metro stations.

Trip Passes

Trip passes are available in denominations of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 trips. They are valid for a calendar month from the date of purchase, providing a flexible travel option for frequent commuters.

Store Value Passes

Store value passes deduct the fare amount from the preloaded value on the card. They can be recharged with amounts ranging from ?100 to ?3000, making them convenient for regular travel without the need for frequent top-ups.

Tourist Passes

Tourist passes are valid for unlimited travel within the selected period, which can be 1, 2, or 3 days. These passes are ideal for tourists and visitors looking to explore the city comprehensively.

Students & Senior Citizen Passes

These passes require valid identification proof for eligibility. They offer unlimited travel within the validity period, making daily commuting more affordable for students and senior citizens.

Hyderabad Metro Fares and Passes

Ticket TypeFare DetailsValidityUsagePrice RangeAdditional Info
Single Journey TokenValid for a single journey between any two stationsSingle UseOne-way journey only₹10 – ₹60Price varies based on distance
Smart CardReloadable card for multiple journeysUp to 1 YearMultiple journeys, discounted fares₹100 – ₹300Minimum balance required for travel
Trip PassPredefined number of tripsMonthlyLimited number of trips per month₹500 – ₹2000Varies based on the number of trips purchased
Store Value PassPreloaded value for travelMonthlyDeducts fare for each journey₹500 – ₹3000Rechargeable
Group TicketDiscounted tickets for groupsSingle UseValid for group travel on the same journeyVariesGroup size and distance affect pricing
Tourist PassUnlimited travel within a fixed period1-3 DaysUnlimited journeys within the validity period₹200 – ₹500Ideal for tourists, short-term validity
Student PassDiscounted fare for studentsMonthlyUnlimited travel for students₹500 – ₹1000Requires student ID proof
Senior Citizen PassDiscounted fare for senior citizensMonthlyUnlimited travel for senior citizens₹500 – ₹1000Requires age proof

Metro Fare Structure

Distance Range (km)Fare (₹)
0 – 210
2 – 415
4 – 620
6 – 825
8 – 1030
10 – 1435
14 – 1840
18 – 2245
22 – 2650
26 – 3055
Above 3060

Hyderabad Metro Timings

Find detailed Hyderabad Metro Train timings to plan your daily commute or travel within the city.

Miyapur to LB Nagar

Train Start Time Reach Time Distance (km) Fare (₹) Time (hh)
First 06:00 06:52 27.99 60 00:52
Last 22:00 22:52 27.99 60 00:52

Miyapur to Ameerpet

Train Start Time Reach Time Distance (km) Fare (₹) Time (hh)
First 06:00 06:23 11.34 40 00:23
Last 22:00 22:23 11.34 40 00:23

Miyapur to Nagole

Train Start Time Reach Time Distance (km) Fare (₹) Time (hh)
First 06:00 06:52 28.14 60 00:52
Last 22:00 22:52 28.14 60 00:52

LB Nagar to Miyapur

Train Start Time Reach Time Distance (km) Fare (₹) Time (hh)
First 06:00 06:52 27.99 60 00:52
Last 22:00 22:52 27.99 60 00:52

LB Nagar to Ameerpet

Train Start Time Reach Time Distance (km) Fare (₹) Time (hh)
First 06:00 06:36 15.60 50 00:36
Last 22:00 22:36 15.60 50 00:36

Nagole to Ameerpet

Train Start Time Reach Time Distance (km) Fare (₹) Time (hh)
First 06:00 06:29 16.80 45 00:29
Last 22:00 22:29 16.80 45 00:29

Note: Metro trains run every 8 minutes. On Sundays, the first train starts at 7 AM.

Metro Lines

  • Red Line – Miyapur to L B Nagar via MG Bus Station, Nampally & Ameerpet
  • Green Line – JBS Parade Ground to MG Bus Station via Secunderabad
  • Blue Line – Nagole to Raidurg via Secunderabad & Ameerpet


Interchange Stations Interchange Route
Ameerpet Station Miyapur To LB Nagar & Nagole to Shilparamam
M G B S Station Miyapur To LB Nagar & JBS to Falaknuma
Parade Grounds Station JBS to Falaknuma & Nagole to Shilparamam

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